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 You must adhere to the following course guidelines:  

  • Keep to the left at all times
  • In 2014 we had a few competitors fall in the Haruru Falls bush track with four needing stitches so please be very careful running through here
  • Be mindful of oncoming traffic and for the general public.The roads will not be closed during this event so do not step outside the coned off areas at any time.
  • Do not travel two or three abreast through the bush track and/or at any other narrow parts of the course
  • Take care when approaching driveways and side roads
  • The last competitor/s will be followed by our tail end Charlie on a bike.
  • There will be a safety officer on a mountain bike out on the back roads please flag them down if you are in difficulty.
  • No prams or dogs are permitted on the course
  • No Nordic walkers are permitted on this course


Marshals: You must listen to and obey any instructions given by our Race Officials and marshals. (Our marshals will be wearing visible vests) There will be a safety official in a car driving the course please flag him down if you are in trouble.

Competitors in Trouble: All of our marshals will have access to a cell phone please inform them if you are unwell or hurt or if another competitor is in trouble.

Weather Conditions: Queens birthday weekend is typically not very warm and sometimes wet so please ensure that you wear the appropriate clothing but remember to keep yourself hydrated at the drink stations. It would be a good idea to bring warm clothes with you to get changed into afterwards.

Toilets: There are 4 public toilets along the beach front that you will pass twice along with toilets at the start/finish that you will pass again and we will place 2 porta loos on the other side of Haruru Falls track.

Fitness: Please ensure you are physically fit and healthy enough to complete a half marathon. If you are unsure please seek advice from a medical professional. If you feel unwell or unfit to compete in the event we strongly advice you to withdraw immediately and seek assistance or professional advice.

Footwear and feet care: Appropriate footwear must be worn, running in bare feet may result in cuts to feet. Be careful running through the Haruru Falls track.

1st Aid: We will have paramedic staff onsite throughout the morning, if you are feeling unwell at any point please approach them or a course official.